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Mount Ishbel (reconnaissance)
Banff National Park, Alberta
November 15, 2003

Mount Ishbel lies in Banff National Park, west of Banff Townsite and immediately east of Johnston Canyon. Dinah and I didn't expect to get far in winter conditions – nor did we – but we were content to get above the treeline to take in the views.

From the parking lot, we hiked to the base of Mount Ishbel and then up through trees devastated by a forest fire years ago. Once we reached the ridge, we followed it as far as we could safely go. Before turning back, however, we climbed to a high point to take a panorama.

Dinah pauses to adjust her poles after we set off

Hiking through the dead forest

Taking a break under a big tree

Easy ascent on semi-open lower slopes. Pilot Mountain behind.

On the ridge crest

Cockscomb Mountain

Castle Mountain and Helena Ridge

The grade steepens

We attempted to reach the point ahead

I started up but soon was forced to turn back because of snow and exposure

As high as we got. Afterwards I climbed the high point in the foreground to take a panorama (at the top of this page). Copper Mountain on the left (mouse over for a close-up).

Starting up the high point

Dinah waits below

Heading back

We hike alongside a wall and dead trees.

More dead trees

Mount Ishbel from the parking lot. The summit is far left. Of the three peaks seen here, we nearly reached the first peak on the right.

82 O/4 Banff

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