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Helena Ridge
Banff National Park, Alberta
September 27, 2003

Distance: 22.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1500 m

Despite the long approach to Rockbound Lake, I've always enjoyed the Castle Mountain area and Helena Ridge was no exception. Caroline, Dinah and I had no difficulties following the route from the Scrambles guidebook. From the lake, we hiked up to the grassy terrace. We made our way along the terrace to a wide gully below Helena Ridge. From there, we plodded up a scree slope to the summit.

KML and GPX Tracks

For a brief time, Tower Lake was so calm it acted like a huge mirror. The perfect reflection was disorienting.

Helena Ridge seen from Rockbound Lake

Walking on the flats by the lake

We headed to the far side of the lake to ascend the grassy terrace

Hiking up through the larches

Eisenhower Tower and Castle Mountain

We stopped to take a break above the basin

A vague trail takes you to the col on the right then up to the summit

Stuart Knob in the background

Working our way up the rubble on the lower slopes

Looking back down

On the broad saddle below the summit

Final hike to the summit

Almost at the summit. Castle Mountain behind.

Coming down from the summit

Back at Rockbound Lake

82 O/5 Castle Mountain

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