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Tallon Peak (East Approach)
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
February 28, 2009

Distance: 5.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 542 m

Although we climbed Tallon and Robertson Peaks using the south approach in the spring years ago, we decided to climb Tallon Peak in the winter using the route in Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass. The only difficulty we anticipated was land access: since the book was printed, privatization has prohibited some routes in Crowsnest Pass.

Following the book instructions, we drove up the gravel road (Township Road 75) only to confront signs such as “No Trespassing” and “Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted.” We stopped at a house to obtain firsthand information. The resident told me not to worry, that the signs were there to discourage hunters. Just the same, be sure to ask for permission whenever you enter any private property. Very few landowners in this area would deny access to hikers wanting to cross private land.

After parking on the roadside, we hiked west up the road, through a gate (ignoring the “Keep Out” signs) and headed to Tallon Peak. We soon gained the west ridge that leads to the summit. We probably missed the trails and roads described in the book – the snow hid those – but we had no problem hiking up the ridge. For the most part, the snow layer was thin and offered little resistance.

At the summit block, we diverged from the book route by circumventing it on the north side instead of the south. After following a cliff band a short distance we found a weakness and climbed to the summit of Tallon Peak. Despite being a diminutive mountain, the summit views were rewarding.

GPX and KML Tracks

Tallon Peak (centre, seen from our start point) is preceded by a ridge on the left

Heading to the ridge

Looking back

Starting up a steep slope

The slope was steeper than we expected so we went around to find an easier grade

We're almost on the ridge

On the ridge with Tallon Peak ahead

A deer (centre) watched us intently (mouse over for a close-up) before disappearing

The views to the southwest appear as we ascend

Looking back at the ridge, nearly bare of snow, where we were minutes ago

We followed the ridge to the summit

We hit deep snow here but fortunately someone had recently broke trail on snowshoes

Looking south

We're close enough to see the summit cairn

We encountered the snowshoe tracks again and followed them to the north side of the summit block

In dry conditions it might be possible to scramble up somewhere, but we went up the backside

The snowshoe tracks headed right but we kept left, looking for a break in the cliff band

We circled the summit block looking for a way up

We find a weakness and take it

The ridge connects to Robertson Peak on the left

Hiking to the summit

The summit is topped by a huge cairn

Robertson Peak and the South End of Livingstone Ridge (mouse over for a close up)

Turtle Mountain

82 G/9 Blairmore

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