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Mountain Spring Peak
Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada
November 13, 2010

With just hours to spare before we caught our flight back to Calgary, we wanted to do a short, simple trip, one that wouldn't offer any difficulties so we could be at the airport on time. Mountain Springs Peak fit the bill.

Although Mountain Springs Peak lies in Red Rock, the trailhead is in Mountain Springs National Recreation Area. Not trusting the rough access road, we parked a short distance from the highway and walked 800 m to the trailhead. We hiked up the trail – actually another rough road – before leaving it to follow a ridge to the summit. We used the trip description on Summitpost. I didn't think this peak would provide “stellar” views as Summitpost said, but it did. It was a memorable little trip that lingered on our minds as we winged our way back to the cold climes of Calgary.

Starting up the trail

Looking back

We'll leave the road to hike up the ridge on the right. The summit is above Dinah but hidden.

Starting up the ridge

Snow-covered Mount Charleston (3633 m) lies northeast (mouse over for a close-up).

Mount Potosi to the south

Typical travel on the ridge

Looking east

Summit is far right

Lots of cedars

Windy Peak southeast (mouse over for a close-up)

Hidden Peak

After reaching the summit, we head to a lower point farther along the ridge.

Black Velvet Peak

As far as we got

A reminder how remarkable warm it is here in November!

Mountain Springs and Blue Diamond 1:24,000 Topos (5.0 mi, 6647 ft, 1234 ft)

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