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Fossil Mountain
Skoki, Banff National Park, Alberta
September 5, 2004

Despite the long approach, Fossil Mountain can be done easily as a day trip and the views are worth it. We followed the route described in the Scrambles book and encountered no difficulties.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)
KML Track

At the end of the road, we saw a silver-back (left, partly hidden) and two black grizzlies

Fossil Mountain seen from Boulder Pass. Deception Pass is the low point left of Ptarmigan Lake.

Mount Redoubt

Hiking up the trail

Anthozoan and Brachiopod Mountains

From Deception Pass the grade to the top of Fossil Mountain looked easy, but the view is deceptive

Looking back

The gentle lower slopes of Fossil ahead

On the ridge

The grade steepens

Looking back at Ptarmigan Lake and Boulder Pass

Stumbling up snow-covered loose rock on Fossil Mountain with Ptarmigan Peak in the background

Higher up, the snow becomes deeper and mist rolls in

Nearing the summit

Dinah stands between the memorial and summit cairn

The memorial

On the summit

Molar Mountain

Heading back down

Taking a break

82 N/8 Lake Louise and 82 N/9 Hector Lake

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