Mount Redoubt
, Alberta
September 6, 2003

Instead ascending the northwest ridge of Mount Redoubt as described in the Scrambles book, we took a more direct route using the west slopes. Our approach started at Fish Creek parking but avoided going all the way to Hidden Lake. On the trail going to Hidden Lake, we turned off at the drainage where a plank bridge crosses a stream (GR562017) in a semi-open area. This is the second planked crossing along the trail, the first being in the trees.

We followed the drainage as it turned left until we reached an clearing at the base of the mountain. An obvious gully leads to a col. A break in the cliffs on the left took us to the ridge and then to the summit block. We scrambled up a break on the west side of the summit block to gain the summit.

KML Track

Our approximate route as seen from Sheol Mountain

The ascent drainage seen from the trail. There's a faint path left by the trees.

View of the drainage after scrambling up the rocks

Around the corner, we ascended a ridge on the left side of the drainage where it opens up

A flat clearing above the gully but before the scree provided a nice rest spot

We'll soon leave the scree bowl and start scrambling

Heading up to the ridge from the basin

Scrambling up to the ridge

Looking back a short time later

Heading to the summit block

Checking out a way up to the ridge, which we didn't use

Relaxing by the summit cairn

Descending the summit block, a difficult scramble here

Looking back after gaining the summit block. Mount Richard, Pika Peak and
Ptarmigan Peak in the background.

Fossil Mountain (centre) rises above Ptarmigan and Redoubt Lakes

Leaving the summit block. Note the figures on top, not part of our group.

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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