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South End of Livingstone
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
September 1, 2019

Trip report to come

KML and GPX Tracks

Starting up the road to the saddle ahead

Lots of these distinctive wildflowers

Ahead is a steep hike to the ridge crest

Looking back from near the crest. Left is Turtle Mountain.

Starting up the ridge

Our objective (centre) is half hidden in cloud

Dragon's Back is on the left. The black ridge is right.

Looking back at the Dragon's Back

Dropping down from a bump on the ridge

Heading to the black ridge

The big notch (right) is obvious but the hidden notch (arrow) not so much from this side

Continuing along the ridge after passing through the big notch

The ridge narrows although it's possible to drop down a bit on the right and follow a faint sheep track

Continuing along the ridge we could see the summit was still obscured with a cloud

The summit (centre) is finally free of clouds

The finally climb to the summit

Looking back at the black ridge and Dragon's Back

In the foreground are Tallon and Robertson Peaks

Jonathan waits on the summit

From Dragon's Back, Dinah zoomed in and took this shot of us on the summit

Jonathan, Zora, Goulfia, Alina, Michael and me

Memorial a few feet from the summit cairn

Centre Peak and Cauldron Peak

On our return at this point, we took this trail back instead following the ridge

We avoided the crux by following a sheep track below it

The track ends abruptly and we climbed the slope to the black ridge

Going over the hidden notch instead of the big botch is much shorter

Heading back to Dragon's Back

Instead following the cutline, we came down the road and found easier although it was longer

After taking a side road and the right fork, we climbed the slope by the sign (mouse over).

Jonathan stands next to the ventilation fan house (mouse over to see inside)

82 G/9 Blairmore

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