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Mount Bell
Lake Louise, Alberta
July 12, 2005

Unlike many of my scrambles so far this year, on Mount Bell I didn't have to contend with snow, rain or thunderstorms. Nor was I turned back because of a slow party as in my attempt via Taylor Lake five years ago. In short, there was nothing to stop me from summiting. For this scramble, I linked up with Andrew Nugara from the RMB forum. This would be my first successful summit with him.

The hike to Boom Lake was monotonous, but Andrew and I passed the time with talk and eventually arrived at the lake. A short, rough trail along the shore led us to the boulder pile. From there, we climbed up a steep gully until we reached the treeline. We climbed a bit higher than we should have, so when we traversed to the col we had to drop down.

From the col we mostly stayed below the crest. Often a path helped us traverse the rubbly slopes. At times, we delighted in scrambling over huge boulders.

Andrew proved to be great company. We both enjoyed making side trips to explore interesting features and snap photos. Near the summit we clambered down to the base of a huge cornice that had peeled away from the mountain.

We reached the summit without incident. It was cool and windy, but comfortable enough for an extended stay, so we could study the surrounding peaks before turning back.

KLM Track

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Boom Lake

Heading up the gully from the boulder pile by the lake

Looking back at Boom Mountain and Boom Lake

Boom Lake takes it name from the log boom in shallow water

Another look at Boom Mountain (click for a larger image)

The long grind up the gully

View from the col. This is the alternate approach that Kane describes.

Typical scrambling below the ridge (click for a larger image)

Andrew drops down to cross a broad gully

Looking west (click for a larger image)

Andrew kept busy snapping photos

Minutes away from the top

Andrew above an old snow cornice (click for a larger image)

Andrew dropped down and I soon joined him

Exploring a short tunnel in the cornice

The summit is a stone's throw away

Andrew stands next to the summit cairn

The mighty and the humble: Mount Temple overshadows The Tower of Babel (lower left).

Heading down from the summit

The usual route follows below the ridge, but there's some good scrambling
on the crest in places

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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