Mount Bell (attempt)
Lake Luoise, Alberta
July 12, 2005

To reach Mount Bell, we used the Taylor Lake approach and ascended a snow-covered gully. Even though Kane recommends this route, I think it's unnecessarily long. I returned five years later and summited using the Boom Lake approach.

The trip was doomed from the start. Included in my party was a girl who needed to get to Calgary in the early evening and a girl that was slow. What a bad combination! Ultimately we turned back due to the lack of time. After this trip, I vowed never to promise anyone to return at a set time.

After passing Taylor Lake we do some scrambling.

To reach the ridge, we ascend this gully on the left.

Topping out on the gully

Plenty of scree to cross

First outcropping ahead

Castle Mountain

Bident Mountain

We turned back at the rock outcropping ahead. Summit on the right.

Looking back

Back at the ascent gully leading to Taylor Lake

Glissading down the gully

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