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Eagle Hill (via Seventy Buck Valley)
Kananaskis, Alberta
January 1, 2015

Distance: 8.5 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 335 m

Eagle Hill is a rather easy hike up, well, a hill that offers good albeit distant views of peaks west. Of the two approaches – the other starts from Sibbald Lake – Seventy Buck is shorter and was the route we took here.

For Dinah and I, it was more of a social romp with Tehya, Sonny, So and Raff. The short trip was chosen not to oblige Raff who was recovering from a New Year's Eve Party (he got home at 5:00 am, just a few hours before we set off up the trail), but because we weren't sure if Tehya's short legs could handle a long trip. Tehya is a dog; Dinah and I were looking after it over the holidays.

The trail begins on Hwy. 68 and eventually runs through Seventy Buck Valley. Logging roads, cutlines and paths connect to create a trail to the summit of Eagle Hill. The trail, even covered in a few inches of snow, was clear enough. Uncertainty lay only in taking the correct fork at the junctions. But So brought along a “guiding wand,” a telescoping baton with colorful tags on the end. Perhaps we owe our successful routefinding to his strange device, or maybe it was the beaten path in the snow all the way to the summit. In any case, all six of us arrived safely on top. Even little Tehya seemed none the worse for the ordeal. However minor Eagle Hill is, sharing laughs on the trail with good friends was a great way to start the New Year.

Sonny's Trip Report
KML and GPX Tracks

The trailhead to Eagle Hill

The trail winds through cutblocks

Our first look at Eagle Hill

We lost elevation when we dropped down into Seventy Buck Valley

So shows his guiding wand to Sonny and Raff

A long switchback leads to the summit behind us

On the last leg to the summit

Behind are the bare slopes of Moose Mountain and Cox Hill

After a grueling climb, Sonny takes a much-needed rest on a hitching post

Coaxing Tehya to climb through the barbwire fence just metres from the summit

So Nakagawa, Dinah Kruze, me, Raff Kazmierczak, Tehya and Sonny Bou

Looking northwest at Mount Yamnuska (centre)

Heading back

82 O/2 Jumpingpound Creek

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