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Castle Mountain
Banff National Park, Alberta
June 29, 2001

A long approach leads to Rockbound Lake followed by an easy climb leads to inspiring views on the summit of Castle Mountain. We didn't do any scrambling; this is a trip that's done for the scenery. Dale, Anita, Dinah and I had also planned to climb Stuart Knob, but it was a warm day and we all ran out of water.

KML Track

Rockbound Lake ahead

Near the shore of Rockbound Lake

The view of Castle Mountain after we started climbing above the lake

We'll circumvent the lake on the cliffs above it

Crossing a stream in the basin

Looking southeast at Rockbound Lake

Taking a break below Stuart Knob

Helena Ridge in the background

We encountered deep snow as we neared the summit

Anita peers down at Bow Valley from the ridge

On the summit

Looking north

Eisenhower Tower seen from the summit

When we ran out of water, we had to descend so we could collect water from melting snow using a water filter

Looking at a waterfall

Traversing back across the basin

Crossing a "bridge"

Anita, Carolyn, Dinah and Dale pause by a waterfall on the descent

This scree chute provided a quick return to Rockbound Lake

82 O/5 Castle Mountain

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