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View from La Madre Mountain

La Madre and El Padre Mountains
aka La Madre Peak and El Padre Peak
Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada
April 18, 2009

Distance: 15.8 km (9.8 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1341 m (4400 ft

La Madre Mountain is the highest point in Red Rock Canyon NCA. Like popular Turtlehead Peak, La Madre can be reached from Sandstone Quarry in Red Rocks. As a bonus, for an extra 130 m elevation effort, adjacent El Padre can be climbed as well. The entire trip was little more than class 2, although it required some routefinding.

For La Madre and El Padre, Dinah Kruze and I joined the Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup group, led by Shin Goto. Filling out our ranks were John, Matt, Chris, Kevin and Karen.

From Sandstone Quarry Shin led us up Limestone Trail – actually a wash – to the base of El Padre. We left the wash and ascended the lower slopes towards cliffs. A short traverse below the cliffs on a vague trail brought us to a chute below La Madre-El Padre col. From there, we could ascend either peak.

The convoluted route defies easy description, but Shin expertly led us up both peaks. On the back to the trailhead, as an added treat, Shin had us scramble up to a wall in the Calico Hills to view petroglyphs, a few hundred years old.

We thoroughly enjoyed the hike and the company of the Las Vegas Hikers. If we ever have a chance to hike with them again, we will!

Meetup Photos
KML and GPX Tracks

We set off up the trail: El Padre and La Madre ahead

We left the wash and started up a side wash

Taking a break: John, Matt, Shin, Karen, Kevin and myself

A lot of terrain to cover before we reached the base of the mountains

Spinystar cactus

Looking back at Mount Wilson, Rainbow Peak, Rainbow Wall and Bridge Mountain

Drawing closer to the base of the mountain

Hiking up another wash

Turtlehead Peak in the background

Matt comes up the trail

We followed a faint trail along the base of a cliff

We hiked up the chute that leads to El Padre and La Madre col

Almost at the col

Ascending La Madre from the col

A drop-off to the east

Behind us is El Padre

The summit of La Madre

Griffith Peak, Mount Charleston and Mummy Mountain

Looking down

Dinah and I on the summit of La Madre

Myself, John, Kevin, Karen, Chris, Dinah and Shin

As we made our way up El Padre we found snow

El Padre summit ahead

We're all smiles after attaining El Padre

View from El Padre

Looking down at the Sandstone Quarry parking lot (mouse over for a close-up)

Coming back: the only tricky section of the trip

Hiking back on a wash that made a good trail

Shin led us across some rocks to see petroglyphs

John peers at the ancient artwork (mouse over for a close-up)

La Madre Mountain (9.8 mi, 8146 ft, 3819 ft)

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