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Hector South Ridge
Banff National Park Alberta
March 5, 2005

Distance: 8.6 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 950 m

The unnamed ridge south of Mount Hector makes for an enjoyable ridgewalk. Dinah and I used the same approach as Mount Hector South Peak, following the tracks we made the week before. After 1.5 km we left the track and headed up the north slope. In a short time, we were out of the trees and on the crest of the ridge. We ditched our snowshoes for the final stretch and followed the ridge to the highest point.

Unlike our last three snowshoe trips, the weather was uncooperative. We started under sunny skies but it soon became overcast and windy. By the time we returned to the car, it was snowing.


Looking at our route seen from our South Peak attempt): we followed the ridge while avoiding cornices

Heading up the lower slopes

Snowshoeing through larch stands. We followed a trail that snowboarders made a week ago.

Behind is Hector Lake

Looking at the ridge leading to the South Peak of Hector

Dinah stops to add a layer to her hands

Lying west is the Waputik Range

We'll follow the ridge to the end

We passed the Lower South Ridge

After climbing 800 m in snowshoes we left them behind and set off on foot. It's a kilometre to the summit from here. Ahead is a false summit.

Having dropped our snowshoes, we tried to keep on the rocks

It's mostly a hike but here we had to negotiate some rocks

Back on the ridge

On the right is Mount Hector, its summit hidden by clouds

Looking back

After encountering a few false summits we see the real thing ahead. A cairn marks it but it's mostly buried under snow.

The summit cairn is barely visible, just a rock above the snow

Mount Hector

The sun made a brief appearance as we started back

82 N/9 Hector Lake

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