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Forum Ridge
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
February 16, 2002

Distance: 10.4 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 630 m

Dinah and I joined the Hostel Outdoor Group to snowshoe the north ridge of Forum Peak. The access road runs to Cameron Lake, but the last 2 km was closed for winter. So we followed the ski trail to the lake before starting up the ridge. We ascended the ridge to a cliff band that stopped us from going further. Then we dropped down to the lake and returned along the shore.

KML and GPX Tracks

We followed alongside a ski trail to Forum Ridge

Emerging from the trees on the ridge

View southeast across the US border

Forum Peak ahead. The ridge on the right leads to Akamina Ridge.

Cameron Lake

Mount Carthew (centre) and Alderson Peak (right)

We turned around when we reached the cliffs

Looking down Cameron Creek

Sliding down

Regrouping at the edge of the lake

Looking across Cameron Lake

Mike takes a break at the Akamina trailhead

Also Carolyn, Lori and Rick

82 G/1 Sage Creek

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