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Kananaskis, Alberta
April 10, 2004

Distance: 21.5 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1250 m

When Dinah and I climbed Exshaw Ridge two weeks earlier, I saw this gold and silver mountain which impressed me to no end. Naturally I wanted to climb it. We would have fared better had we waited until later in the season, when we didn't have to posthole up a snow-covered creekbed, and when we didn't have to contend with the icy slabs below the summit that nearly stopped us.

The trip started at Jura Creek, up a popular trail. It leads to a false fault and canyon. Beyond that there was no trail, just a long stretch of valley. As hiked, we focused on Morrowmount ahead; its lower orange slopes and upper gray ridge are easily recognized.

After hiking 9 km up Jura Creek, nearly to the end of the creek, we headed straight up the ridge from the junction of a gully and Jura Creek. Before reaching the top of the ridge, we detoured right and around some cliffs. Once on the ridge, we continued hiking up. The grade was easy and the scree under our feet changed from orange to gray. Just before the top, we hit steep slabs. Although not a problem in dry conditions, much of the slabs were under snow, and we had to search for a dry section to climb up. Minutes later, we arrived on the summit where we were rewarded with far-ranging mountain views.

KML and GPX Tracks

Our approximate ascent route

Coming out the canyon on Jura Creek

The long approach up Jura Creek valley

The orange ridge we wanted to ascend can be seen from a distance

We'll soon leave Jura Creek to climb the orange ridge

Pausing before starting our ascent. Nearly half the elevation has been climbed. Morrowmount in the background.

Starting up the scree slope

Looking down at the creek

We had to circumvent towering cliffs

Looking back

Near the top of the orange ridge

On the ridge looking back at Mount Fable

The entire trip was mostly a hike

We bypassed a minor point on the ridge

The ridge crest continues on gray rock

Hiking up the gray scree

Negotiating slabs just below the summit. Exshaw Ridge lies below us.

Mount Yamnuska

Almost at the summit

Soft scree made for a quick descent

Coming down the scree

Heading back down Jura Creek

We often broke through the snow crust

Coming down the false fault

82 O/3 Canmore

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