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View from the ridge, summit is left

Mount Erickson (attempt)
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
October 4, 2002

An easy scramble as far as we got. We turned back after encountering snow on a narrow ridge 250 m (horizontal) from the summit. (We returned in September 2007 to complete the summit.)

Our ascent route followed the ridge from the left. Note the lower south peak that must be climbed first.

The ascent held much mixed terrain: rocks and trees

Along the way clearings like this gave us a break from bushwhacking

Interesting trees along the way

We being to see talus sections

Going up the south peak. Behind it is a false summit.

Looking back at the south peak

On the south summit with Crowsnest Mountain in the background

The col between the south and north peaks

Dinah finds shelter among snow-covered trees

The green tower on the false summit. South peak in the background.

We started hitting deep snow

Final 250 horizontal metres to the summit. We turned back here.

Heading back to the south summit

Crossing a large talus slope

Back in the trees

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