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Zebra Ridge
Livingstone Range, Alberta
March 29, 2015

When I hiked up Zebra Ridge, I did so to study a route up Lightning Peak. Back then, the ridge didn't have a name (for that matter, I hadn't yet named Lightning Peak). Only years later, while looking at, did I learn the ridge was later called Zebra.

I used the same approach that I later used for Lightning Peak: an exploration road. I walked up the road until I reached the south end of the ridge and then hiked up the ridge. Then I headed north, traversing most of the ridge, before descending an open slope on the left. At the bottom of the slope, I bushwhacked to Highway 22. I followed the road to my car.

This scouting mission was a success. From Zebra Ridge, I was able to study most of the route to the summit of Lightning and took dozens of photos. I returned four months later and climbed the peak.

Unfortunately, logging has since destroyed the area, and I heard the road is gone.

KML and GPX Tracks

The road led to the south end of the ridge

The smooth road proved to be nice ride when I returned to climb Lightning Peak

Zebra Ridge from the first lookout

Panorama of the ridge

Looking down at Daisy Creek on my way up Zebra

My first look at Lightning Peak

Racehorse Creek Hill

Further along the ridge, I dropped down the left side

I started down an open slope and reached the highway

82 G/16 Maycroft

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