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Mount Proctor
Fernie, B.C.
October 11, 2002

Mount Proctor was a straightforward, easy scramble with hardly any snow. Dinah and I ascended the south ridge, but on our descent, we followed a drainage on the west slope to Fairy Creek. We hiked back along the trail on Fairy Creek.

Mount Proctor seen from Fernie

Early morning frost

Hiking up the ridge

We continued following the ridge

Ridge becomes more rugged higher up

Posing on a pile of rocks

Out of the trees (Dinah is on the left)

Three Sisters

We made our way up the rocks

Not much scrambling

On the summit

We continued past the summit a short way. It's possible to follow the ridge for quite a ways.

We started heading back down

We took a break at this dead tree

Hiking down the drainage

I found an interesting hiding place!

82 G/11 Fernie

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