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Cirque Peak
Banff National Park, Alberta
September 13, 2003

Cirque Peak is an easy trip with great views. It's mostly a hike except for a cliff band low on the ridge and the very top. Snow made things a bit difficult when we scrambled to the summit. Afterwards, Dinah and I descended to the pass and climbed partway up the other side to get a good view of Cirque Peak.

KML Track

Cirque Peak from the trail

Great scenery along the trail

Cirque Peak

Helen Lake

Marmot with a mouthful of grass for its winter nest I assume

Starting up from the ridge

On the shoulder, the screeis good for climbing and great for running down

Looking back

There was plenty of snow in some places

Almost on the east summit

Dinah stands on the west summit

Easy scrambling up both summits

Coming down from the east summit

Cirque Peak seen from the ridge

Dolomite Peak

View from the high point

Heading back down the trail

82 N/9 Hector Lake

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