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Dolomite Peak
Banff National Park, Alberta
August 16, 2003

Distance: 8.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1070 m

This was my second climb up Dolomite Peak, but this time with camera in hand. This is a thoroughly enjoyable scramble on good rock. This time, however, Dinah joined me and we did both the third and fourth peaks. Following the directions in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, we first ascended peak 4 where I took a summit panorama. The ascent up peak 4 was mostly marked, but peak 3 was more difficult and required routefinding. We climbed the north side, but it probably can be done without going so far around the base of the peak as we did. Peak 4 is higher than peak 3 but only by 7 m. Unfortunately, haze from a forest fire dulled our views.

KML and GPX Tracks

Dolomite Peaks seen from the approach. Counting from the left, peaks 3 and 4 are obvious

Starting up the lower slopes of Dolomite Peak

We'll soon start heading left

The grade steepens

Impressive cliffs towered above us. Peak 4 is above me.

Heading for the col between peaks 3 and 4, peak 4 above

Scrambling up the gully between peaks 3 and 4

The gully is quite steep

At the top of the gully, we'll go right to ascend peak 4

On the way to peak 4, Dinah checks out peak 3

Almost on the top of peak 4

Dinah stands next to the summit cairn on peak 4

Studying peak 3 from the end of peak 4

Climbing back down

On our way to peak 3

Back above the gully

Our first attempt to peak 3, partway along the ridge

At another spot, we reached the ridge crest but couldn't continue
because the ridge didn't connect

Dinah comes back down

We went around and ascended the northwest side of peak 3

Standing on peak 3

View of peak 4

Peak 2 looks formidable!

Downclimbing from peak 3

Looking back at our two summits after starting down

Scrambling down the gully below peaks 3 and 4

82 N/9 Hector Lake

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