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Jumpingpound Mountain and East Ridge
Jumpingpound Summit Trail
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 21, 2019
Distance: 10.0 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 653 m

There are three approaches to Jumpingpound Mountain, and Jumpingpound Summit trail is the shortest, just over three kilometres. The brief trip is no match for the views found on the longer ridge trail approach, but it leaves time and energy to continue to the East Ridge. The undulating ridge comprises four bumps, all lower than the mountain. Dinah and I hiked the first two.

Expecting it would be busy on the Summit trail, we got an early start and saw few people in the morning. The maintained trail with signposts at the junctions is sure to guide everyone up the wooded slope to the bare top of Jumpingpound Mountain. And with 360° views, it's natural to end the hike there. But we continued.

We followed a pleasant, narrow path as it dropped into forested cols before rising to meet the bare tops of the bumps. Being a low ridge, the views aren't as engaging as those on Jumpingpound, but what it lacks in scenery it makes up for in solitude. While hikers paraded up and down the mountain – with a few groups lounging on top at any given time – no one pushed on to do the East Ridge. We had the ridge to ourselves.

When we reached the second bump, the feeling of isolation was spoiled by a private road by the third bump. But the trail goes on, making it possible to continue along the ridge. There seemed little benefit to do so, other than the exercise, and we would get that going back. With the ups and downs, our hike along the East Ridge added 250 m of elevation gain, much of that just going back up Jumpingpound Mountain. Our seclusion ended there and we wasted no time in getting back to our car.

KML and GPX Tracks

Dinah studies the map at the trailhead

Just metres from the trail, the rapping of this downy woodpecker caught our attention

Halfway up the trail, a 50-metre side trail on the right leads to this rest point

Where the trail intersects the Jumpingpound Ridge trail, keep left

Soon after the junction, the summit can be seen

As we headed to the summit, the Fisher Range came into view behind us

Hiking the summit ridge

On top of Jumpingpound Mountain

Starting out for the East Ridge

The path winds through the trees before climbing up the first bump

This songbird appeared curious. Flitting from branch to branch and staying ten feet away, it nearly completed a circle around me. Both Google and Merlin (app) identified it as a yellow rump warbler (mouse over for a side view).

Looking back at Jumpingpound Mountain from the first bump

The first bump is rocky while the second is grassy

A half dozen different wildflowers share a tiny space

Approaching the second bump

Looking back at Jumpingpound and the first bump

To the south is Cox Hill

Panorama from the second bump

Dinah looks at the third and fourth bumps which are overshadowed by Moose Mountain. The sense of isolation is spoiled by the road on the left.

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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