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Cox Hill
Kananaskis, Alberta
March 13, 2010

Distance: 12.7 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 755 m

Cox Hill is one of the few peaks close to Calgary that allows an easy winter ascent, and given the well-trampled snow on the trail, it's also a popular one.

From Dawson Trailhead, we set off up a broad trail. After a long hike with few views, we suddenly came to a grassy slope on our left. Here most of the trail was hidden under snow drifts, but we could gain the ridge pretty well anywhere.

The views were better than I had expected. The impressive massif of Moose Mountain appeared first, but after a short hike east to the summit of Cox Hill, a whole whack of peaks appeared. Jumpingpound East Ridge stretched invitingly below us, but we'll leave that for another day.

KML and GPX Tracks

Just past the trailhead, we crossed a bridge spanning Jumpingpound Creek

Hiking up the trail (mouse over to look back)

The snow became deeper as we ascended

A snowshoe track eased our passage up the trail

Starting up the grassy slope to the ridge

Behind us, mist rose from sunlit slopes. The green bump far right is Shell Hill.

Back on the trail

A snow squall passed nearby

Heading to the ridge crest

Moose Mountain lies southeast (mouse over for a closer look)

After reaching the east end of the ridge, we headed for the summit

Superb view of the mountains

Looking back along the ridge

Dinah poses near the summit

Enjoying the mountain scenery

Heading back, we found graupel on the lower slopes. A localized
snow squall must have dropped these while we were on the summit.

82 O/2 Jumpingpound Creek, 82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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