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Grassi Knob Trail
Having only descended the Grassi Knob trail, I may be remiss in describing the route in reverse, but I'll try my best. Start at the Peaks of Grassi trailhead at 800 Wilson Way in Canmore. This is one of the accesses to the Highline Trail.

From the east end of the cul de sac, start up the trail. It immediately leads to a hairpin switchback that quickly takes you above the rooftops before straightening out and generally heading south. Stay on the Highline access trail (blue markers) until you reach the main trail running east-west. Keep left. The trail soon wends left and crosses a creek bed. Leave the trail and head up the creek. To avoid the steeper creek sections, look for short side trails on your left. After hiking up the creek about 200 m, look for flagging on the left. It marks the start of a trail that runs up the northwest ridge of Grassi Knob. The trail is 3.1 km one way. For our entire trip, see Grassi Knob Traverse.

Peaks of Grassi trailhead (from Google Street View)

Bridge just before the junction

Go left at the junction (mouse over for sign details)

Looking up the creek

A side trail on the left saves you from trying to climb the steep rock in the creek

The trail starts from the creek bed (note flagging)

Grassi Knob trail

On the summit

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