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Iron Ridge
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
March 18, 2022

Distance: 5.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 280 m

Dinah and I first noticed Iron Ridge when we hiked Wedge Mountain several years ago. I've kept it in mind, and now, with snow still blanketing tall peaks, it seemed like a good time to climb this low ridge. We settled on a loop beginning at the west end of Coleman. Like Sonny Bou's trip, we traversed the ridge and returned on a gravel road.

We had some trepidation on parking on a gravel patch amidst homes, but it didn't appear attached to any property and our car was undisturbed for the duration of our trip. But trespassing signs dissuaded us from walking up a road directly to the end of the ridge, so we skirted properties and started up a gentle, wooded slope. Just before the ridge crest, the slope grew steep, and compounded with ice, rocks and a snow cornice, we encountered some difficulties. But eventually we found a way up. Once on the ridge, we found smooth sailing, with trees giving way to meadows and far-ranging views.

Being rather blustery, we spent little time on the summit and continued down the north end of the ridge. On the lower slope, we encountered knee-deep snow in places, but we were only a couple of hundred metres from the gravel road. After prolonged postholing, we gratefully walked back along the road.

KML and GPX Tracks

Iron Ridge seen from Tim Horton's

Starting up the end of the ridge

Dinah checks out a sturdy shelter

Coming to the ridge

Starting along the ridge

Continuing along the ridge

Looking back

We came across a cairn on a high point. Crowsnest Mountain left.

Dinah steps over a fence

The summit is in the centre. Behind it, rises Wedge Mountain.

Coming up to the summit

Looking back as we approached the summit

Dinah stands by the summit cairn

We dropped down the north end of the ridge

We encountered deep snow in clearings

The snow covering was more manageable in the trees

Following the road alongside Iron ridge

A view of the mountains as we hiked down the road

82 G/10 Crowsnest

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