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Mount Albert
Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
Castle Wilderness, Alberta
October 3, 2021

The hike up Mount Albert may be a modest endeavour even when two lesser summits, Piney Point and Mount Baldy, are thrown in, but it is an engaging loop trip that follows signed trails. Dinah and I especially enjoyed the hike in the fall, much better than our March trip when the area held snow.

This time we hiked the loop clockwise and started up the trail to Piney Point. The trail soon rises above Beauvais Lake, although we could see little of the big lake. Then the trail swings away from the lake and climbs Piney Point Viewpoint. But the grassy top provides only scant views (the view is much better on Mount Albert) and isn't the highest point on Piney Point. For that, we continued up the trail. The half-bare summit is reached by briefly going offtrail; we had to push through tall weeds to reach it.

From Piney Point, the trail drops down, passes a pond and crosses a small footbridge. Soon after, it begins ascending Mount Albert. The views open up and the hike to the top becomes a pleasant ridgewalk. The bare summit provides 360° views, although peaks in the Rockies are too distant to make out details. We took a few photos and continued north, down the trail to Mount Baldy, the lowest of the three summits.

With little to see, we didn't linger on Baldy and continued down the trail, back to the parking lot. We stopped to look at the upper homestead, a dilapidated cabin, but passed on seeing the lower homestead. The parking lot, which was nearly empty when we arrived, was now full, a testament to Mount Albert's popularity.

KML and GPX Tracks

Beauvais Lake. In the centre are trumpeter swans (mouse over).

Starting up Piney Point trail

Trail appeared well maintained

From a viewpoint we saw Mount Albert and Mount Baldy

Hiking to Piney Point Viewpoint

Looking back at the trail and the lake

Panorama from Piney Point Viewpoint

We continued to the summit of Piney Point

Pleasant fall hiking up the trail

There was no trail to the summit

Standing on the summit of Piney Point

Looking at Mount Baldy

Continuing down the trail. South end of Beauvais Lake left, Christie Mine Ridge right.

The trail passes a pond

Dinah crosses a small footbridge

Hiking up the trail to Mount Albert

The grade steepens

In the centre are Prairie Bluff and Victoria Peak

Piney Point

The summit of Albert lies ahead

Twisted pine beside the trail

Standing on Mount Albert

Heading down to Mount Baldy

Continuing down the trail almost level with Baldy

Surprised to see a fresh germanium while other plants are fading in the fall

Looking back at Albert as we approached the summit of Baldy

View from Baldy

Heading back to the parking lot

We stopped at the upper homestead

82 G/8 Beaver Mines

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