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Prairie Bluff
May 14, 2005
Castle Provincial Park, Alberta

Prairie Bluff is an easy scramble that enjoys a long climbing season and colourful scenery. Dinah and I started at the Victoria Peak trailhead and walked up the road to a side trail. We had no trouble following the trail to the summit. Instead of returning the same way, we went offtrail and came down the southeast ridge.

Postscript: Approach is closed due to private property. See my 2013 trip.

KML and GPX Tracks

Prairie Bluff (right) from the road: trail begins on far left. We descended the ridge on the right.

We followed a faint path in the scree

The trail leads to the crest of the ridge

Victoria Peak on the right

The summit comes into view

Colourful unnamed ridge to the northwest

Windsor Mountain to the west

Looking back at the road and Victoria Peak from the summit

After summiting, we left the trail and headed down the SE ridge

We dropped down the slope on easy terrain

82 G/8 Beaver Mines

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