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Mount Niles
Yoho National Park, B.C.
August 14, 2004

Mount Niles takes advantage of the long, pleasant trail that reaches Niles Meadows. It runs by Sherbrooke Lake first before ending in the meadows. After the meadows, we hiked up a drainage. At the top, we could see our next objective: a huge pinnacle on the skyline. From it, we easily scrambled up the west slopes of Mount Niles to the summit. The alpine views were stunning and made it worthwhile. It was a beautiful, warm day. Dinah, Sonny, Frank and I spent nearly an hour on the summit.

The heat on the return leg took its toll on us, however. Most of us developed headaches, and we were forced to slow our pace. Back at the car we found it was 30°.

KML and GPX Tracks
Sonny's Trip Report

Mount Niles seen from Sherbrooke Lake

Hiking the trail around the lake

This duck doesn't bother using the trail


Crossing a bridge on the way to Niles Meadows

Mount Niles overlooks Niles Meadows. Above the gully against the skyline, is the pinnacle we have to reach.

Looking back at the meadows

Hiking up the drainage above the meadows

We're now well above the meadows

We make our way to the pinnacle seen on the left

Crossing the boulder field

Heading up the slope

Below is the boulder field we crossed

Taking a break by the pinnacle

Sonny tackled the ridge while the rest of us scrambled up the slopes below the summit

Sonny pauses on the ridge. Left is President Range and Emerald Glacier. Iceline Trail lies below the glacier.

The scramble to the summit was straightforward

Sonny on the ridge

Sonny takes in the view

Waputik Icefield fills the view north

Mount Daly

Frank, Sonny and Dinah on the summit

Heading back down to the pinnacle

Back on the boulder field

Heading back down to Niles Meadow

Back at the lake

82 N/9 Hector Lake, 82 N/8 Lake Louise

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