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Panorama from our turn-around point

Mount Field (attempt)
Yoho National Park, B.C.
September 20, 2003

Mount Field is considered an easy scramble, so Dinah and I didn't expect to have any trouble climbing it even though it was late in the season. However, when we reached the snow-covered crux, we were stymied: it appeared too steep and slippery to scramble up. And since it was an easy scramble, we hadn't brought helmets. It seemed prudent to abort even though we were only 40 m below the summit. We returned in 2005 and easily ascended Mount Field in dry conditions.

Hiking up the trail in the mist

After ascending a few hundred metres we saw why the trail was so misty!

Wapta Mountain

Mount Field in our sights

On the lower slopes

Looking back

We worked our way right to gain the ridge

On the ridge

Checking out the scrambling route

The cliff band was full of snow

We decided to turn back because of the snow

Heading back down the trail

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