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Nihahi Ridge Traverse
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 5, 2004

Distance: 16.9 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1250 m

Nihahi Ridge begins with a hike up a good trail and a bit of scrambling to the ridge crest. We enjoyed the first section of ridge, but the long middle section was a trudge with many ups and downs with unvarying scenery. However, the ridge finishes with an enjoyable climb to the summit.

Unfortunately, the weather steadily deteriorated throughout our trip. We started under blue skies, but ended up getting rained on at the summit so I couldn't take a panorama that day.

Instead of returning the same way, Dinah and I dropped down the north end, bushwhacked to Prairie Creek before reaching a second car we had parked on Powderface Trail.

Postscript: Rain prevented me from taking a summit panorama on Nihahi Ridge on this trip, but I took one two years later (shown above) when I climbed Compression Ridge. For details on reaching just the south summit, see our 2016 trip.

KML and GPX Tracks

We started up the trail under blue skies, but the good weather didn't last long

Heading to the ridge crest

Almost at the crest

Coming down the first point on the ridge

>Some interesting scrambling on slabs at the beginning

From a high point near the start of the ridge, much of the rest of the ridge can be seen

More interesting rock near the start

Looking back

The downclimb crux: there are probably easier choices in dry conditions

On to the next section of the ridge

Some routefinding adds interest

Same as above but it shows the exposure

We followed a ledge until we could scramble up

The middle section is an undulating slog

The east face drops off sharply in some places

And still Nihahi Ridge runs on!

Snow cover increased as we gained elevation

Some interesting rock near the north end

We encountered some scrambling

The dark rock of the summit appears

The summit is just past here

It began raining just before we reached the summit

Compression Ridge seen from near the summit

Looking back at the summit of Nihahi Ridge

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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