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Crowsnest Mountain
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
August 4, 2001

Crowsnest Mountain is fine scramble if you wish to share the trail with dozens of others as we did. There was a lineup at the chain and falling rock from so many people posed a hazard. Avoid doing this on a long weekend! This is such a short trip, that we opted to explore the col between Crowsnest and the Seven Sisters after descending partway down. (For more photos and a movie see my 2007 trip.)

KML Track

Crowsnest seen from Window Mountain. Note the trail near the top on the left.

Not much of a crux with a chain to assist you

The chimney after the chain

Hiking the last steps to the summit. Seven Sisters behind us.

Relaxing by the summit cairn

Exploring the ridge on the Seven Sisters

Looking back at Crowsnest

82 G/10 Crowsnest

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