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Bald Eagle Peak (Anû Kathâ Îpa)
Formerly Squaw's Tit
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 15, 2003

Distance: 9.2 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1280 m

When Dinah and I ascended the South Peak of Charles Stewart, we gazed down on the summit of Bald Eagle Peak and wondered about climbing it. So the very next day, we did. Joining us in climbing Bald Eagle Peak was Dale.

Bald Eagle Peak was an enjoyable scramble, although there was more routefinding on the approach than I expected. Next time I would take the creekbed and avoid the bushwhacking! Once on the ridge, it was an enjoyable scramble to the summit. Instead of following the ridge all the way back, we dropped down to the gully after leaving the summit before retracing our steps back.

KLM Track

Bald Eagle Peak seen from Canmore

Heading up to the ridge

Once on the ridge we followed it closely to the summit block

We tried keeping close to the ridge crest

Plenty of scrambling along the ridge

One of the steeper sections

I started up

More climbing

Dinah scrambles up to regain the ridge

Closing in on the summit

From here we'll head left around the back of the summit block

Heading around to the backside

Scrambling up the backside of the summit

Almost at the summit

On the summit with Charles Stewart South Peak in the background

We carefully made our way back down the steep rocks

Looking back at the summit

Standing on a long cliff

82 O/3 Canmore

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