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Raven’s End
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 30, 2022

Distance: 7.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 530 m

Raven’s End is just a novel name for the East Ridge of Yamnuska Mountain. It offers an easy hike on a good trail with fine views. In fact, the trail was improved and rerouted this year and now includes signed viewpoints. The trailhead is unchanged, and the rerouting is minor and only adds a couple of hundred metres. Most notably, the new path follows the edge of a minor cliff band to offer scenery near the start. Also, the trail finishes with a one-way loop. A sign marks Raven's End.

The trail continues to the summit, but most people stop just beyond the sign where the trail cuts through towering rocks. Here, where the rocks rise above the trees, there are views of the East Peak of Wendell and Association Peak.

Yamnuska Mountain attractions climbers as well as hikers. It's unlikely you'll find solitude here, and unless you come early, don't expect to park near the trailhead.

A sign at the trailhead displays warnings (mouse over to read)

The trail reaches a junction marking the loop

Western wood lily

Viewpoints are marked along the path

Golden mantle ground squirrel

Haze from recent rainfalls obscured views to the south

After heading east the trail turns west

Remains of old trail sections can be seen

A clearing provides a striking view of Yamnuska Mountain

Stone steps ease the ascent in places

Just before Raven's End, the trail becomes a one-way loop

A sign explains what to expect after Raven's End (mouse over)

The trail continues through rocks

Looking north at the East Peak of Wendall, Association Peak and Association Hill

Hiking down the return loop

82 O/3 Canmore (the original trail is brown)

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