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View from Black Mountain

Red and Black Mountains
Boulder City, Nevada
January 21, 2015

Distance: 12.1 km (7.5 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 565 m (1854 ft

What's red and black and hiked all over? The adjacent peaks of Red Mountain and Black Mountain by Boulder City.

The trail for either mountain begins on the edge of Boulder City and climbs to a saddle between the two mountains. There the trail splits: left for Red and right for Black, although reaching Black Mountain is a little more involved. Unlike Red Mountain where a good trail runs to the summit, the trail stops at Black Mountain Overlook, 700 horizontal metres short of Black Mountain. Using the route described on, Dinah and I found the hike to the Overlook easy. The broad path, not to mention the gentle switchbacks leading to the saddle, was a walk in the desert.

But the trail going from the Overlook to Black Mountain isn't well defined, hardly better than an animal trail. In some places, we lost it, although only briefly. But it was worth the 30 minutes of effort to get to the summit. After having lunch, we started back down the trail. We didn't bother going up and over the Overlook again but instead found a trail that bypassed it. We were soon back on the main trail with Red Mountain in our sights. We hiked to the summit. But after the Overlook and Black Mountain, Red Mountain had little scenery to add, except perhaps the sight of both those points. We didn't linger and soon headed back to our car.

We could have given Red Mountain a miss, but we were glad we climbed Black Mountain. We had often heard about Boulder City's Black Mountain so it was nice to experience it for ourselves.

KML and GPX Tracks

On the trail. Left to Right: Red Mountain, Black Mountain Overlook and Black Mountain.

The trail soon enters a wash

Behind us is the city

The trail heads to a valley to the right of Red Mountain

Heading to the saddle between Red Mountain and Black Mountain Overlook

As we started up the switchbacks, we were impressed by the vivid colors

The trail is well-maintained

Looking back at the long switchbacks

After reaching the saddle we took the trail to Black Mountain Overlook seen ahead

Looking back at Red Mountain and the saddle

Panorama from the Overlook

Lake Mead is always an impressive sight

We head to Black Mountain (the summit is above Dinah)

Looking back at the Overlook as we start up Black Mountain

After climbing an intervening ridge, the summit appears ahead

From a cave we could make out Spring Mountains above Las Vegas (mouse over for a close-up)

Looking back at the Overlook and Red Mountain as we near the summit

Sitting on top of Black Mountain

North is nearby River Mountain

The black mesa is Fortification Hill and far right is Mount Wilson

Heading to Red Mountain (far left)

On the saddle we turned left for Red Mountain

The summit of Red Mountain

Behind us is a strange-looking communication facility

Standing on the uninspiring summit

View from Red Mountain

Boulder Beach and Boulder City (7.5 mi, 3632 ft, 1178 ft)

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