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Cockscomb Peak
Spring Mountains, Nevada
September 28, 2012

Weighing in at under 3000 m, Cockscomb Peak is surrounded by higher and more impressive mountains. But when it comes to an enjoyable ascent, I doubt if many peaks in the Spring Mountains can compare. In the Spring Mountains, I've climbed a few peaks and seen the tops of many, but Cockscomb is the only summit I know that is free of trees and manmade structures. And with its engaging route, one with changing scenery, you have a delightful little peak.

Summitpost provides a sparing route description for Cockscomb Peak, enough detail to get you up, but it doesn't mention the old mine along the way or the beautiful bristlecone trees and the numerous pinnacles on the ridge. Here's what it does say. Hike up a canyon to a trail leading to Stanley B Springs. From the springs, turn right and head up another canyon. After a time, look for a place to ascend the ridge on your left (we ascended just past some flagging). The ridge leads to a saddle but it was so well-concealed by pinnacles and rock outcrops, that it left us guessing where it was exactly. But once on the saddle, the peak is only a few minutes away.

As I mentioned the summit is bare, so you can appreciate uninterrupted views of several peaks, including Griffith Peak and Mount Charleston. Anyone having traversed Griffith to Charleston will appreciate seeing the long ridge between them. After taking in the views, return the same way.

KML and GPX Tracks

The trailhead

Starting up the canyon

On the trail near the spring

At Stanley B Springs, Dinah reads the sign (mouse over)

Following the canyon after the spring

Western columbine by the spring

100 m after the spring is an old mine (mouse over to read the sign)

Going up the canyon

On the ridge

The summit is the rock point on the right

Views ahead were limited

Behind is Mummy's Toes and Fletcher Peak

Looking down Kyle Canyon

Dinah waits for me just before the saddle

The summit is straight ahead

On the way to the summit, Dinah passes a large, old bristlecone pine

Looking back at the same tree

On the summit

On the way back down, we passed a rock balanced on a pinnacle

Back at the trailhead there were several of these butterflies flitting about the flowers

Charleston Peak 1:24,000 Topo (4.7 mi, 9718 ft, 2497 ft)

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