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Upper Canyon Creek, Peak 402355
Elevation approx. 2650 m
June 20, 1999

A week after hiking up the north fork of Upper Canyon Creek, we returned to hike up the south fork. The creekbed was wearisome, but it reached an picturesque valley. From the valley we were able to ascend an unnamed peak lying 2 km northeast of Mount Howard.

Pete, Jackie, Philip and Lorri on the creekbed

Hiking up the south fork

Lorri poses with a slack-jawed deer

In the valley

Looking back down the valley. Compression Ridge is on the right.

As we climbed, I stopped for a photo while Lori waves in the background

Lorri and Jackie negotiating deep snow

Fils stops for a photo

View to the west from the ridge

Mount Howard lies southwest

Some interesting rock forms in the area, such as this pinnacle ...

... and this cave

On the summit

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