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Little Lougheed IV
Kananaskis, Alberta
January 29, 2005

We returned a fourth time to ascend Little Lougheed. This time we stayed on the trail and ascended the ridge from the west side. There was no advantage to doing so but I was curious where the trail led. Once on the ridge we followed it to the top and came down through the boulder field.

Mount Lougheed

On the west scree slope

Looking for a break in the cliff band so we can gain the ridge.

Dinah waits while I check a potential break in the cliffs.

Deep snow

A short slog to the summit

The talus slope below the summit

Looking back from the summit

On the summit. Windtower on the right.

First peak of Mount Lougheed

Heading down the boulder field

I keep coming back to this mountain because I enjoy the bouldering.

Dinah slips through a tunnel.

More boulders

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