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Burns East Ridge Attempt
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 30, 2004

After a fun scrambling ascent up through the pinnacles on the south slope of the East Ridge of Mount Burns in 2003, Dinah and I wanted to return to try a different route and to see if we could climb higher. This time we traversed the east ridge.

After hiking to a high point on the ridge we were stopped by cliffs, but we explored further. After crossing a basin, we dropped down 200 m to get around the cliff bands. We climbed as far as we could before stopping on a narrow, exposed ridge. To return to our car, we dropped down the south slopes to the Sheep River Trail and followed it back.

Our route

The east ridge

Jacob's ladder

Mount Hoffman on the right

We followed the ridge

We soon got above the treeline

Bluerock Mountain

On the ridge

The ridge is a hike except for this short, easy scramble

We traversed below a high point

After this high point we drop down on the left side to get below a cliff band

Crossing the basin below the cliff band

Looking for a weakness to regain the ridge

On the ridge: we'll go to the right of the rock buttress

Nearing the end of the line

As far as we got

Heading back

Looking south across the Sheep River Valley

I climbed a pinnacle

Mount Rae

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