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Boom Mountain (attempt)
Kootenay, B.C.
September 19, 2009

I could find no information about Boom Mountain other than Rick Collier's winter ascent posted on where he skied up the south valley – Chickadee Valley – to reach the west col and then hiked to the top.

From Vermillion Pass we followed a trail for a short distance before it ended in bushes and deadfall. Our progress was slow and after covering only 2.5 km in an hour and a half – about half way to the col – it was apparent we wouldn't have enough daylight to complete the trip. So we aborted our summit bid and instead hiked up a nearby drainage.

We found no pleasure in ascending the drainage since it was steep and filled with loose rock. Tiring of it, we headed right but rubbly, steep terrain still hindered our progress. We turned back when it started to rain but not before taking in the fascinating landscape.

I don't know if we'll ever return to Boom Mountain, but at least we'll know what to expect next time.

We had planned to reach the col on the left but instead ascended the drainage left of the
orange peak.

We encountered difficult bushwhacking along the creek, but venturing into the forest, at least at first,
was worse because of deadfall.

The col is still far off.

Although travel alongside the creek was awful, it had its moments

We ascend the drainage above us.

We leave the valley far below.

The foreshortened view was misleading: the terrain was much steeper than it looked.

We leave the drainage to ascend the slope. Again it was steeper than it appears.

We leave the drainage below. Mount Whymper in the background.

Although we stayed close to the drainage, I checked around the corner (mouse over).

Looking west across the drainage

Stanley Peak in the background (mouse over)

Clouds begin to move in.

Interesting rock formations ahead

Taking a closer look at the pinnacles

Inspecting a mini-canyon within the pinnacles

Back on the drainage

This is as far as we got

Looking down at Dinah

Rain puts a damper on the trip

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