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Mount Whymper
Banff National Park, Alberta
October 6, 2001

A delightful scramble that lends itself to a variety of ways up. Lots to explore
Although it's enjoyable climbing straight up, we almost became carried
away before realizing we had to traverse left a bit well below the summit.

KML Track

Mount Whymper from the highway

Near the start of the climb, a stairway points the way

These aren't small steps!

Storm Mountain

Higher up, the slope opens up

Looking back down the gully

Plenty of scrambling possibilities

Which way to go?

These cliffs look impossible but there's a hidden slot chimney

We squeezed up the chimney (mouse over to view the bottom)

After a time, we realized we had to traverse left to gain the ridge

This mountain goat fled when we neared the summit

Boom Mountain

View west

82 N/1 Mount Goodsir

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