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Panorama Ridge
Lake Louise, Alberta
June 19, 2004

It's a slog going up the gully, but Panorama Ridge is worth the climb because of the views. After hiking up the trail Dinah and I tried to cross the stream too soon. It's better to continue up a ways where logs and rocks make crossing easier.

The ascent gully seemed interminable, so we were glad when we finally reached the ridge. A short ridge walk led to the summit. After summiting we headed to the east peak but there was too much snow to continue, so we descended the nearest gully.

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Hiking up the Consolation Lakes trail

View of Panorama Ridge just before reaching Consolation Lakes

Looking for the best place to cross Babel Creek

We had to get our feet wet

Looking up the ascent gully

Looking back

Tower of Babel in the foreground

We made good progress in the firm snow in the gully

Gully narrows ahead

We've reached the rocks and will soon start climbing

The slope steepens

Squeezing through some boulders

Dinah follows me up the steep slope

A huge cornice lines much of the ridge

Quadra Mountain

Approaching the summit

The last section to the summit requires scrambling up quartzite rocks

After summiting we continued along the ridge

We made it to the pinnacles where it became difficult and exposed. Best to do in dry conditions.

Cute bird, but such skinny legs!

Our descent gully

Looking down Consolation Valley

Partway down

Coming down an avalanche snow

Looking up the gully

Mount Temple fills the background behind the Tower of Babel

One of the Consolation Lakes. We followed a crude shoreline trail back.

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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