Mount Andromache
Icefields Parkway, Alberta
July 26, 2005

Mount Andromache is a straightforward scramble; it would be impossible to lose your way up it. Following the book, we hiked up the trail to above the waterfalls where it petered out. We continued up the valley keeping to scree slopes on the left. It was miserable going and seemed to go on too long. While we hiked up the valley, we watched a party of four ascending Mount Hector which helped pass the time.

Eventually we came to an obvious break in the cliff bands and easily ascended to the plateau. The unnamed peak came into view and we scrambled up it. Surprisingly my GPS indicated that the unnamed peak was higher than Mount Andromache by 8 m.

We trudged to just below the summit of Mount Andromache where we scrambled up rock adjacent to the glacier. The day had started out with few clouds but by the time we bagged the peak the clouds had increased and obscured distant views.

We fully expected to descend the NW ridge but were surprised by the quantity of snow on it. It extended to the edge of the ridge foregoing the possibility of scrambling down it. Walking on the glacier was out of the question, so we had no recourse but to return the same way.

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The waterfall soon appears after we start up the trail

View of the falls as we climb above them

Above the waterfalls, the valley opens up

Looking back, Hector Lake is barely visible

Hiking along the base of the cliff bands, we look for breach

Along the way, I stopped to inspect a window

We passed a small waterfall

On the plateau after climbing up the breach. Mount Hector looms in the background.

We spot four figures on Mount Hector. The two on the right are turning back,
while the others press on. Mouse over to see them a short time later.

Heading to the unnamed peak

Looking back at the plateau

After leaving the unnamed peak, we head towards Mount Andromache

Closing in on the summit. The cairn is visible.

Scrambling up the last few metres

On the summit. Clouds are beginning to obscure Mount Hector.

82 N/9 Hector Lake

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