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Junction Hill II
Kananaskis, Alberta
March 27, 2010

Our ascent of Junction Hill was a rehash of our 2004 trip except that we did the loop in reverse, clockwise, ascending the SE Ridge and descending the South Ridge. The counterclockwise loop seemed to offer slightly better views.

KML track

After going up the lower slopes, we reached a ramp that leads to the southeast ridge

Looking back

Looking down the open slope. Coyote Hills in the foreground.

Almost on the ridge crest

Enjoyable ascent on open slopes

On the ridge

View of Mounts Strachan, Muir and McPhail on the left

False summit ahead

We get another glimpse of the false summit

Looking back along the ridge

Both the false summit and the true summit (right) have cairns

Looking northwest at unnamed peaks, including "Cat Creek Ridge" on the right

Dinah on the summit. Mount Head in the background.

Heading down to the south ridge

Crossing a rock field

82 J/7 Mount Head

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