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Mount Kidd
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 13, 2002

Mount Kidd is mostly a slog with limited views during the ascent. We should have done it earlier in the season when snow would have made a quicker ascent and descent. It was 30° on our trip and we soon ran out of water. It's not a trip I fondly remember because of the scree and the heat.

KML Track

View of Mount Kidd from the gully after leaving the approach trail

On the creekbed that leads to the basin

Hiking up by the waterfall

At the bottom of the bowl: the start of a long grind up

Looking back at the gully

Finally scrambling on rock

Going up the slabs

The last 300 m is on loose scree

Neighbouring Mount Kidd South

Walking the ridge crest to the summit

On the way down I tried to climb a pinnacle

Heading back down

To the south, this small peak is unofficially called "The Spoon Needle"

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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