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Mount Fullerton
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 30, 2003

Mount Fullerton begins with a long approach. We hiked up the road although a bike would save time. However, the hiking or biking up Nihahi Creek is as exciting as driving across the prairies. Once we found the right gully to ascend, the climb was straightforward and more interesting.

KML Track

Going up the gully after leaving Nihahi Creek

View up the drainage

I was surprised to find running water here

View back down the drainage

Heading to the ridge after leaving the drainage

On the ridge we enjoyed meandering through the boulders

The boulders are welcome relief from the plod up the ridge

Typical travel along the ridge

Nearing the summit

Behind us is Nihahi Ridge

On the summit ridge

Mounts Remus and Romulus

Looking back at the southeast ridge from the summit

Descending from the summit

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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