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Mount Romulus
Kananaskis, Alberta
October 4, 2004

We had an extraordinary warm fall day when we climbed Mount Romulus. So warm, in fact, we were comfortable in shorts and T-shirts on the summit!

At sunrise from Little Elbow Campground, we set out on mountain bikes for the base of the mountain. We quickly covered the first 12 km before stashing our bikes at Romulus Campground. Then we forded the frigid waters of Little Elbow River. After hiking up a drainage we came to a basin above the treeline. We gained the ridge on our left and followed it, with its many ups and downs, to the summit.

Instead of retracing our steps and ascending back up the ridge, we dropped down to the basin from the col.

KML Track

The morning sun lights up the mountain ahead

From the basin, we ascended the gully above Dinah and followed the ridge to the summit. On the return trip we descended from the col ahead on the skyline.

Heading for the gully ahead

Going up the gully

On the ridge

Mount Remus (click for a larger image)

Pausing on a rocky prominence

Scrambling below the ridge crest

Final ascent up Mount Romulus. This col is probably a shortcut from
Elbow Trail
. (click for a larger image)

Final push to the summit

Hiking up the rubbly slope

Looking back as we neared the summit. You can make out the trail in the scree slope behind us

Dinah comes to join me on the summit

Mount Glasgow

Heading down to the basin from the col

Fording Little Elbow River

Riding back on Elbow Trail

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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