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Lady Macdonald
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 27, 2005

Dinah and I attempted Lady Macdonald two years ago but didn't get past the south summit because of rain. When we returned we had perfect conditions: blue sky and calm winds.

From the teahouse there are two ways to ascend. We tried the straight-up ascent but found the ridge too exposed for us. We traversed most of the way across before turning back.

The route that runs below the ridge is much easier and we had no trouble reaching the false summit. From the false summit the ridge leading to the true summit looked impossibly narrow and jagged. There were a few moments downclimbing that were awkward, but even so I was surprised the traverse only took 10 or 11 minutes each way. Unfortunately, Dinah became uncomfortable on the exposed traverse and turned back, but she vowed to return to bag this peak another day.

KML Track

Looking back down the trail. Three Sisters in the background.

A good trail leads to the teahouse

The path splits: straight up takes you to the top of the slabs in the centre. Left leads to the south summit where the snow patch is.

This is the upper route where scrambling was more awkward than fun at least for us (
mouse over to look back)

Crawling along the crux to to the summit from the south summit (click for a larger image)

View looking back at the false summit from the true summit (click for a larger image)

Cougar Peak

82 O/3 Canmore

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