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"Cougar Peak"
Kananaskis, Alberta
Unnamed at 219648
May 13, 2001

After studying the topo map, I couldn't help noticing this obvious peak overlooking Cougar Creek. The creek, in turn, provided a good approach. Beyond that, the route appeared uncertain just looking at the map. So Dale, Kari, Dinah and I set off, planning to explore a route. We didn't expect to find the way up in one trip and had no intention of trying for the summit. Yet we nailed the route and made the summit. It has no name but I refer to it as "Cougar Peak.

Starting up Cougar Creek, we took the left fork at the Canadian Forks. 45 minutes after leaving the Forks, we came across an obvious gully (201657) 7 km from the trailhead. It was the first break in the trees on the east bank since we left the Forks.

The break is actually the start of a gully. It was steep at first, but after a few minutes it leveled off. The gully continues climbing straight up, but we took a side drainage on our left to reach a broad scree slope below Cougar Peak. Here an enticing scene unfolded. An expanse of scree extended left along the mountainside, while a cliff band rose above us on our right. Ahead of us, however, a gully extended toward a col. We set out for it. It was a steep climb to the col but an easy hike to the summit.

KML Track

Cougar Peak seen from farther up Cougar Creek (despite appearances, the highest point is on the left)

Hiking up Cougar Creek

Dinah and Kari cross the creek

Starting up the side gully that drains into Cougar Creek

Starting up the gully

After passing the trees, we exited the gully on the left side

The route as seen after leaving the first gully

The grade is quite steep

We went up the gully on the right, with the snow strip

Starting up the gully

At the col and just a few minutes from the summit

Relaxing on the summit

Coming down from the col

A quick descent down using the snow

Negotiating boulders in the creek

Dinah carefully crosses a log on Cougar Creek

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