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Vermilion Peak
Banff National Park, Alberta
July 14, 2003

Despite the long haul up a gully, Vermillion Peak is an enjoyable scramble and impossible to get lost. I was fascinated by the immense flat shale flakes on the ridge crest. I wish though we had clearer views of the surroundings peaks but clouds and haze prevented that. The ridge appeared well-trodden and we found it was usually best to stay on top of the ridge instead of traveling below the crest.

MOVIE (0:53)
KML Track

Vermillion Peak from the highway

Starting up the gully

Partway up, the mountain appears

Vermilion Peak seen from the top of the gully. We headed to the far right of the ridge.

We skirted the base of the ridge looking for a suitable spot to ascend

Scrambling up a weakness to the ridge crest

Once on the ridge we followed it to the summit

The ridge transitions to rocks

The ridge starts off gentle before deteriorating into a jagged edge

The summit lies ahead

The ridge becomes narrow forcing us to scramble

There's a precipitous drop on the left side

Dinah looks for a spot to drop down on the right side

We skirted below the crest here

Almost at the summit

Dinah relaxes on the summit

Rising to a blunt point across the valley is Mount Whymper

Starting back along the ridge

We'll soon be off the rocks

82 N/1 Mount Goodsir

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