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Mount Cory
Banff National Park, Alberta
June 3, 2001

A fine trip but be sure to get on the correct rib at the base of the mountain.
It's easy to go wrong as the trail goes past the ascent rib. We went too
far west and started up the wrong rib. We had to drop down, cross a gully
and get on the correct rib.
I forgot to do a summit panorama so I took one
from along the ridge

KLM Track

Mount Cory seen from Mount Edith

Scrambling up the rib

Above the rib the views open up

Taking a look at the cave

Looking out from the cave

Gathering around the entrance

The summit is still a long way off

Interesting rock formations along the way

On the south summit

Coming down from the summit

82 O/4 Banff

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