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View from Centre Peak

Mount Edith
Banff National Park, Alberta
July 20, 2002

Gert, Wayne, Dinah and I did the three-peak loop for Mount Edith beginning with the North Peak. There's lots of variety here! Despite the rating of "difficult" for the South Peak, I thought the scrambling was moderate. After ascending the North Peak, we pushed on to do the Centre and South Peaks, and then descended from the Centre-South Col.

KML Track

The three peaks of Mount Edith seen from Mount Cory

Mount Edith from the approach trail

Hiking to the col, the early morning sun casts our shadows

Starting up from the col

Nearby to the northwest is Mount Louis

South-facing chimneys: we went up the left chimney that has brief exposure and
came down the right chimney although it is narrower (mouse over).

Near the top of the left chimney

Wayne prepares to jump across to the North Summit

Descending from the North Peak

Back below the chimneys

Going to the Centre Peak

Scrambling up

On the Centre Peak

Heading down from Centre Peak to South Peak

Looking back

Dinah crawls out of the tunnel on the South Peak

Going along the ledge

Scrambling up through the rock flakes

Scrambling near the summit

On the South Summit

Coming down from the south peak, we'll soon be back at the rock flakes

The exposed ledge that avoids the tunnel is actually easy

The photo is not turned around. I'm looking down as Gert, Dinah, and Wayne descended a crack.

Mount Rundle on the left

82 O/4 Banff

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